Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Best Free Registry Cleaners Available

A registry cleaner is a program that repairs and fixes your congested windows system. The windows registry consists of thousands of files and data that execute commands for every aspect of your operating system. Manually attempting to repair the windows registry is not recommended due to the risks of terminally damaging your xp, vista, etc operating system. The bottom line is that even putting aside the risks of doing it yourself, a registry cleaner will do a better job at cleaning your system and faster then any human could.

There is an endless amount of freeware on the internet today. Mostly trial runs filled with bugs to fix or dressed up spyware and viruses. After digging deep there are always of course a few decent programs available that are usable. But the best way to go when trying to get "something for nothing" is to go to the top! The best registry cleaners on the market today offer free registry scans to consumers to see if infact their registry is the problem. On average, using a freeware registry cleaner amounts to 15% of errors found, mostly minor, compared to the top three cleaners tested found 85-96% of all major and minor errors found and repaired.

The best registry cleaners that I have personally tested and give the stamp of approval to are three in particular. The number one on the list goes to RegFix. It is a very user-friendly tool that packs a punch. It scoured my pc and found and repaired 95% of all major/minor errors. Boot-up, regular performance, and shutdown time showed a noticeable change and you can't put a price on saved time.

When looking at the facts and testimonials there is no question of the value and importance that a registry cleaner is to your computer system. You have to be careful in selection of different programs and it is good to read further into your investments.

Below is an in-depth review of the top three registry cleaners available for you to make a good decision on your computer health.

Bill J. Bradley is an IT specialist. Read his reviews on The Top Three Registry Cleaners Available and get a free scan to help clean your system of registry errors. You have nothing to loose and your pc has everything to gain!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Macintosh Laptop Computers - Why Choose a Macintosh Laptop Over a PC?

For a lot of years, the preference between Macintosh Laptop Computers and their competition, the Personal Computer was decided upon by the available software. While most business oriented programs were only available on PC, with the graphic applications designed to work better on the Apple.

Apple's decision to expand upon the use of the Intel processors, in their Computers, allowed for a rising number of these PC only applications to operate in the Apples. As part of the advance software and hardware, Windows will work on a Macintosh as well as the OSX operating system.

The easy and simple interface of the OS X system, which is also used in their phones, has come a long way and with innovations like the multi-touch track pad being offered on some Macintosh Laptop Computers are rapidly winning over hard core PC users. Apple's ease of operation, reliability and many preloaded software programs are now taking the lead.

Strong Points.

The OS X Leopard operating system showcases your favorite desktop image and puts new file stack at your fingertips for a stunning, clutter free desktop. It's intuitive, with very few errors, is not affected by most viruses and offers the user an eye opening experience that is second to none. You don't use your Mac...You Experience It!

You'll have no trouble running mind blowing graphics and you can also run Adobe suites along with Apples own programs. The newest member the Mac book Air is only 3/4 of an inch thick. Redesigned to give a streamlined look, light weight and easy too carry! And now offering new tools like: Boot camp, Time machine, spaces and Parental controls the rival the best.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Big Cache for Small Cash With Online Data Storage

Setting up and remembering to use a backup system is a huge hassle. Fortunately, 2007 may turn out to be "The Year of the Backup." Both Microsoft and Apple Computer have built automated backup software into the latest versions of their operating systems; both make their debuts this year. At the same time, an option that was once complex, limited and expensive is suddenly becoming effortless, capacious and even free: online backups, where your files are shuttled off to the Internet for safekeeping.

Building a Home Entertainment System

William Watkins has 7 terabytes of data storage tucked into a cabinet in the media room of his beach home in Aptos, Calif. That is not a big thing for Watkins, the chief executive of Seagate, which makes hard disk drives. However, it is enough space to hold 600,000 songs, 584,000 photographs and 1,000 hours of television shows.

Keep Your Resolutions With a Little Help From the Web

Are you already breaking some of your New Year's resolutions? Don't fret -- just go to the Internet. You'll find a multitude of Web sites available to help people who have promised themselves that this is the year they will lose weight, quit smoking, adopt a greener lifestyle, get their finances in order, become more organized or give to charity.

No Living Room Is Safe From iPod

When I'd see people at the gym or Safeway or walking down the street, oblivious to everyone and everything except the music pouring out of those telltale white ear buds, I'd scoff at the isolationism. However, when my wife gave me an iPod shuffle, you know what I did, don't you? Yes, I stood in virtual line with the throng of new iPodites who temporarily brought down Apple's online store.

Considering the Gender Factor in Customer Service

Women decide or in some way influence most of the car and truck purchases in the United States -- more than 80 percent, according to some estimates. However, talk to women about their auto-buying experience in showrooms, and you'll find that many aren't thrilled. So what's a male-dominated industry like the car business to do? [More...]

Hitachi Announces 1 Terabyte Hard Drive Pair

Hitachi on Friday announced a pair of 1 terabyte hard drives and a new software technology targeted at digital video recording applications. The one-two disk drive punch aims to tap into what the company sees as users' insatiable desire for storage. Hitachi's Deskstar 7K1000 and CinemaStar hard drives target consumers who want to create, share and store their digital information.

Silicon, Solar Power and Corporate Responsibility

Indications are that 2007 will be a bumper year for the solar power and renewable energy industry, as was noted in Part 1 of this two-part series. As an increasing number of state governments are introducing renewable power and energy standards and incentives, Washington, D.C., lawmakers at the close of the last Congress renewed production tax credits for the renewable energy industry.

SanDisk Swings at Samsung With 32 GB Solid State Drive

SanDisk has taken another swing in its memory match against Samsung with the introduction of a 32 GB, 1.8-inch solid state drive drop-in replacement for the standard mechanical hard disk drive. SanDisk's latest NAND flash-based SSD counters Samsung's Wednesday announcement promising 16 GB memory that taps advanced 50-nanometer process technology. [More...]

Motorola's Weak Earnings Forecast Hits Handset Sector

Possibly signaling an end to a period of mostly feel-good news for the wireless handset industry, Motorola on Friday said it would fall short of fourth quarter forecasts for sales and profits, leading to speculation that a price war may be in the offing. Motorola was likely forced to cut prices on some products to drive sales, leading to the revenue and profit shortfalls. [More...]

Novell Trumpets Support for Open Source Development

Novell moved Wednesday to underscore its support for free software development after volunteer technical support collapsed for rival Red Hat's free Linux version. Novell spokesperson Kevan Barney said the downfall of Red Hat's Fedora Legacy Project only strengthens Novell's commitment to its own partnership with open source, or free, software developers worldwide.

Bezos Looking for a Few Good Engineers to Join Space Venture founder Jeff Bezos is asking engineers to join his fledgling and secretive private aerospace business, Blue Origin, breaking a long silence about his operation in a remote section of West Texas. Bezos posted photos and videos of a test launch of a reusable spacecraft on the company's Web site.